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About Kaizen

Kaizen Paint Pakistan is a fully owned subsidiary of Kaizen Paint Middle East (KPME). We have been successfully operating in Pakistan since 2008 and are the market leader in the automotive paint segment with our State-of-the-Art manufacturing CED facility at Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore.

We also provide excellent Architectural & Engineering coatings solutions to our customers in Pakistan. Our Architectural coatings business offers a wide array of innovative consumer & business-focused products, and solutions that provide excellent coverage, stain & scratch resistance, and superior finish to any surface.


Architectural Coatings

At KPP, we believe in the power of colour and the importance of paint in making any space look visually stunning. Our wide array of innovative products and solutions provide excellent coverage, stain & scratch resistance, and superior finish to any surface. Going beyond just colouring a surface, we also offer additional benefits, such as anti-rust, odourless, Fungus resistant and antimicrobial properties across the range of our products.

We understand that interiors and exteriors are not just about walls. Our high-performance coatings include Stain guard, Premium Exterior Emulsion, Premium Interior Emulsion, Wood and Metal protection solutions. To make the application of our products convenient and to increase their longevity, wall putty, primers, and surface varnishes are included in our architectural product range. We aim to make our customer’s design journey fun and easy.

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Automotive Coatings

KPP is a market leader in the automotive coatings industry in the country. The automotive product portfolio consists of primers, base-coats, and top-coats. We provide high-quality painting systems and continuous technical support to all our automotive clients. Our products meet the most exacting standards for corrosion resistance, colour, durability, and longevity. We enable automotive manufacturers to provide car buyers with beautiful colour choices. Our commitment to excellence reflects in our ever-growing list of satisfied clients every year.

KPP has a robust supply chain system, a State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility, and the technology to be the true progressive partner of the automotive industry by supplying the latest generation of CED coatings and cutting-edge Japanese OEM paint technology. Currently, KPP is serving major car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Master Motors, and Changan.

Engineering Coatings

KPP products are designed to meet a diverse range of customer requirements across several industries. Each of our products meet the highest standards of durability and corrosion resistance with chosen finishes. Complementing the product’s power of withstanding extreme conditions, we offer exceptional levels of technological proficiency, product supremacy, and devoted technical field support across diverse industrial sectors.


In Engineering coatings, we are the only company to offer end-to-end paint application services in Pakistan. The skilled team comprising of trained painters, helpers and certified riggers, civil and mechanical engineers, Quality assurance specialists, and health & safety experts together contribute to delivering unparalleled service experience to the clients.

The applied techniques and the expertise involved in handling the variety of sophisticated machines owned by Kaizen Paint Pakistan add value to the overall customer satisfaction. Kaizen’s value addition – Application Equipment is exclusively owned and operated by Kaizen Services Team.

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